Prayer Test (3/28/17): I Hunger and Thirst for Holiness

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation; you make us hunger and thirst for holiness.  Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation: you call us to true fasting: to set free the oppressed, to share our bread with the hungry, to shelter the homeless and to clothe the naked. Amen.

Community Service for March:  Due Friday, 3/31/17.

Tuesday (3/28/17): Prayer Test - I Hunger and Thirst for Holiness.  Unit 2 Test - Chapters 6, 7, 8.

Wednesday (3/29/17):  Mass. Complete Unit 2 Test.

Thursday (3/30/17): Virtus Lesson. Safe People.  Questions due Friday.  Planners go home Thursdays for parents to check and initial.

Bring a Rosary to school for our Friday morning Rosary with all of the middle schoolers!

Friday (3/31/17): Stations of the Cross. 1:00pm.





Weekend homework due Monday: Ch 7 Questions on Number the Stars

Monday: Read through Ch 7 by Tuesday.

Tuesday: Number the Stars Essay Assigned. Freewrite possible response.  5 Paragraph Graphic Organizer with Text Evidence - Due Thursday. (Have students use their annotations.)

Wednesday: No Literature Class on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Use graphic organizer to write thesis statement and introduction in class.

Friday: Introduction and 3 support paragraphs due.



Language Arts/Spelling:




Weekend HW due Monday: None

Monday: Work on spelling

Tuesday: Number the Stars Graphic Organizer. Using Quotations in Direct Quotations.

Wednesday: No Language Arts on Wednesday.

Thursday: Direct Quotations vs. Indirect Quotations

Friday: Spelling Test. Work on Rough Draft.


Assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted.  O = Odds, E = Evens, 1/3 = Every third problem, 1/4 = Every fourth problem.

Website will be updated over the weekend for the upcoming week. 

Math Help Times:

Monday:  12:40-1pm

Tuesday:  7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Wednesday: 7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Thursday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Friday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Monday: (March 27, 2017): 

Group A: Computer Lab Math practice.

6th Grade: Computer Lab Math practice.

Tuesday: (March 28, 2017): 

Group A: Review. Pg 158 (#1-25).

6th Grade: Subtract Mixed Numbers. Pg 222-223 (#1-37).

Wednesday: (March 29, 2017):

Group A: Diagnostic Check. Pg 159 (#1-28).

6th Grade: Choose Computation Method. Pg 225 (#1-33).

Thursday: (March 30, 2017):

Group A: Understanding Fractions. Worksheet Pg 37 (Both sides).

6th Grade: Problem Solving. Pg 227 (#1-10).

Friday: (March 31, 2017):

Group A: Understanding Fractions. Pg 161-163 (#1-33 Odd).  Even problems are extra credit.

6th Grade: Review. Pg 230 (#1-17).

Social Studies:

3/27/2017 -Starting Chapter 9 - Unit 5

 Monday: 4 Worksheets Due Friday




Friday: 4 WS Due

 Science: March 27-31

Hw might change from time to time depending on what we get to cover on a particular day

**Starting  supplemental curriculm material during computer lab time! **Free Site** Login info students first name (first letter capital)  then stpx and password 000000


Monday: Protein Synthesis PP and watch Ameoba Sisters Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Tuesday: In class we will be going over Transcription Common Core Aligned Article - DNA Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Wednesday:  work on Directed Reding Ch.6 Due April 7th Day of test and Science Worlds Due Friday! 

 *I will not be able to meet for tutoring after school today!

Thursday: DNA task cards Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Friday: Extraction of DNA from Strawberry and onions! HW- Begin working on Ch.6 Chapter Review TEST APRIL 7th

Directed Reading Ch.6 due today!!

Next week Fun with Codons mini Lab 


  I have subscribed to the following website that is 100% kid friendly and lets them study! The website is- and the Password is 756756 - the students have access this way and can look on the Dashboard -I have created certain games and added videos particular to what each grade is learning!

Other great websites are - ,  and