6th Grade

6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade!

I am fairly new to St. Pius X and am excited to contribute to this thriving spiritual and educational community. As the 6th grade homeroom teacher, I am responsible for helping the kids develop the planning and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in middle school.

In physical science, we'll learn about the properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, electricty and types of waves. In 6th grade social studies, we are learning about world history, with a emphasis on a few major civilizations. By the end of the year students will understand the purposes of government, the ways societies interact, and the pivotal role of economic systems in international relationships and individual decision-making.

I have an a dual BA in Geography and Anthropology from Central Washington University, and an MA in Anthropology from Oregon State University. Teaching in graduate school solidified my decision to pursue teaching as a vocation, and I am so grateful to now work at a mission-driven school.  



Bo Bestvina

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Current Newsletter



1) We are doing a school-wide box top competition. Each Friday 8th grade will collect our box tops and the winner will be announced in February. The winner will get a Friday free dress day!

2) We have a small Christmas tree in the class. If you have an ornaments to contribute, please share!  

Right now we are wrapping up our unit on Mesopotamia and Egypt. We've been comparing these cultures in different dimensions, especially technology. As part of this goal, students built Shadoofs out of Kinex parts. A Shadoof is a device Egyptians used to get water out of the Nile river. 

Next week we will go back into science, and we will shift from a focus on chemistry to a focus on force. 

Stay warm!





We have a Christmas Tree in our classroom! We were going to do a drive for the homeless, but the school is doing a food drive. Please bring your food items by tomorrow (11/16)

This Saturday (11/18) is the annual Fund Dinner! Please come! 

Thanksgiving is next week. We will not have school the 22nd or 23rd of that week. 

Right now we are in a SS unit on Mesopotamia and Egypt. We may even reinact the domestication of grain! 

Happy Holidays! 


Upcoming Events!

We have lots of exciting events coming up. This Wednesday and Friday, I'll be on field trips with 7th and 8th grade, but 6th grade will continue cruising along in our unit on chemical reactions.
Next week we have our Halloween Carnival on Wednesday. Please send your child to school in full uniform for Mass. They can change into their costume during first recess. We will visit the carnival in the afternoon and do a class party in the afternoon as well. Feel free to bring a few treats for the class. As a reminder, on Thursday of next week (Nov. 1), we will be attending Mass again for All Saints Day.
Friday of next week is Grandparents Day. We will make a banner in the class, cards, and perhaps write a song together to show appreciation for grandparents.
During all of this we will study the periodic table and the interactions of atoms. By next week I hope to be discussing and modeling the make-up of simple and extended atomic structures, and their applications in producing synthetic materials.
It was nice to meet you all at conferences.
If have any questions about the next two weeks, don't hesistate to email me.
Bo Bestvina


Religion - This week we are working on starting chapter 5

Monday (12/10/18):  Unit 1 Review

Tuesday (12/11/18): Unit 1 Test

Wednesday (12/12/18): No Class - Mass

Thursday (12/13/18):  Start Chapter 5

Friday (12/14/18):  Advent Discussion


Math - All assignments are due the following day. 

Monday (12/10/18)  

Group A:  Solve Equations w/Decimals. Pg 113 (#1-27).

Tuesday (12/11/18) 

Group A:  Write an Equation. Worksheet Pg 30.

Wednesday (12/12/18)

Group A:  Write an Equation. Pg 118 (#1-25).

Thursday (12/13/18)

Group A:  Review/Test Prep. Pg 122 (#1-18).

Friday (12/14/18)

Group A:  Diagnostic Check. Pg 123 (#1-17).

Social Studies

Assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted. An * sign in front of the assignment means was changed/modified from the original.







Science (12/10-12/14)

 All assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted.

Monday:  Variables worksheet

Tuesday: 1-20. Pg. 132-133

Wednesday: Study for test friday

Thursday: Study for test friday

Friday: Forces and Motion Test



Monday (12/10/18): 

Tuesday (12/11/18): Read Ch 8.  2 Paragraph Summary.  Due Thursday.  

Wednesday (12/12/18):  

Thursday (12/13/18): 

Friday (12/14/18): 


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