8th Grade

8th Grade


My name is Paula Van Hollebeke and I am the 8th Grade homeroom teacher here at St. Pius X Catholic School. This is my second year teaching at St. Pius X and I love it! I manage the 8th Grade homeroom, teach 8th Grade Religion and 6th through 8th Grade Math.  I love teaching Religion and Math and doing so allows me to use the gifts that God has given to me!

I married into a big Catholic family to Paul and we have two daughters, Alaina (18) and Emma (15).  Both of our daughters attended catholic grade school (St. Matthew) and high school (Bishop Blanchet).  Alaina is now attending college at Western Washington University.  While the girls were growing up, I substitute taught at various catholic schools including St. Alphonsus, St. Benedict, Christ the King and St. Mark.  Before our children were born, I taught 1st Grade at Assumption-St. Bridget Catholic School in the U-District. 

Working at St. Pius X Catholic School has given me a wonderful sense of community.  I enjoy organizing experiences for the students here and giving all that I can to further their life experience in a joyful way.  Some of these fun experiences include field trips to Museum of Flight, Sacred Heart Radio, Camp Hamilton Outdoor Education Camp, Golden Gardens, Warm Beach, March for Life, St. James Cathedral, MOHAI, St. Cecilia's Retreat Center.

As 8th Grade homeroom teacher, I also manage the ASB which has 13 members.  Our ASB is an active, excited and productive group of students who make every effort to try to improve on things going on at school and around the world.  Currently, they are organizing a dance for middle school students where the proceeds will go to victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  

I think that St. Pius X Catholic School is a hidden wonderful secret and that if more families were aware of this wonderful school, we would have lines out the door of people wanting to register!


Paula Van Hollebeke

AKA, "Mrs. Van" 



News Items

Current Classroom Newsletter

April 10, 2018 

NEXT ASB MEETING:  Monday, 4/23/18. 12:20-12:40pm. Bring red folder.

Warm Beach Retreat

Our retreat to Warm Beach is fast approaching.  Included in this folder is a packet of paperwork containing information that may answer your questions about Warm Beach.  Please look through the entire packet.  There are forms that will be required in order for your child to attend the retreat. See below for the list of required and completed forms.  The cost for each child to go is $50. Please send your check in, payable to St. Pius X School.  We still have 6 families who have not sent in their money.  We will provide scholarships to families who qualify, as we want everybody to attend this retreat. Please direct these inquiries to Mr. Parker.  Whatever money that is made from current ticket sales will go toward offsetting the cost of those requiring scholarships.  Thank you to Garth and Monica for volunteering to go to camp with us!  This is the minimum number of chaperones required to attend.  We would welcome another male and female chaperone! Check out the schedule and see if you want to participate in our fun activities!

Need Volunteers for Warm Beach

Please consider volunteering to help our Warm Beach Retreat be a success. Below are listed ways in which you can help.  If you are interested in helping with any of these, please email Mrs. Van at pvanhollebeke@stpx.org.

  • Drive to Warm Beach, 5/31 leaving St. Pius 9am. (Need 4 drivers to accommodate passengers and belongings) 
  • Pick up from Warm Beach, 6/1 leaving camp 2:45pm. (Need 4 drivers, as well) 
  • Snacks for our trip that will feed 19 people. (Granola bars, fruit, cheese sticks, etc) 
    • Thursday, 10:15 
    • Thursday, 3:00 
    • Thursday, 8:30p Campfire (Makings for S'mores) 
    • Friday, 10:00
    • Friday, 2:30

Required Forms: Please return completed by Friday, April 20th

  • Warm Beach Waiver of Liability
  • Archdiocese of Seattle Extended Field Trip Consent Form (Front and Back)

Sunday Mass - Naming of the Gym

On Sunday, April 15th the 8th Graders will be reading and bearing gifts at the 11am Mass. Following Mass, there will be a "Naming of the Gym" ceremony which involves two families of our 8th Graders! If you haven't heard, the Arata and Jocson families have won this item at our Gala Auction in March. Please join us for Mass, the ceremony and homemade cookies prepared by the St. Pius X faculty! 


If your 8th grader received any scholarship offers, please send a copy of the scholarship letter to Mrs. Van Hollebeke so we can recognize your child's achievements in the Graduation ceremony.  Please send the scholarship award information, regardless of your student's decision to attend that school or not. 

Save the Date!

  • Save the date for our overnight retreat to Warm Beach on May 31 to June 1st.  

Dates to Remember:

  • 4/23/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 - 12:40pm
  • 5/02/18 - May Crowning
  • 5/07/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 - 12:40pm
  • 5/08/18 - 8th MAP testing, 1:00-2:30pm
  • 5/09/18 - 8th MAP testing, 1:00-2:30pm
  • 5/10/18 - 8th MAP testing, 8:45-10:15am
  • 5/10/18 - Science Fair
  • 5/11/18 - 8th MAP testing, 10:30am-12:00pm
  • 5/11/18 - Camp Lunch
  • 5/21/18 - St. Cecilia's Retreat? TBD
  • 5/23/18 - 8th Sings at Mass, 9am 
  • 5/24/18 - Spring Concert 
  • 5/25/18 - Community Service Essay Due 
  • 5/28/18 - No School.  Memorial Day 
  • 5/31/18 - Warm Beach Retreat, depart 9am
  • 6/01/18 - Return from Warm Beach, return 3:30pm
  • 6/06/18 - Report Cards 
  • 6/06/18 - Graduation 
  • 6/14/18 - Cleaning Day 
  • 6/15/18 - Last Day of School, 10am Dismissal 

Paula Van Hollebeke


School: (425) 778-9861




Monday (4/23/18): No Religion. Music make-up class.

Tuesday (4/24/18): Review Chapter 20. Review Worksheet.  Study Cards for Chapter 20 quiz that will be on Thursday, 4/26.

Wednesday (4/25/18): Mass, 9am. 

Thursday (4/26/18): Chapter 20 Quiz.

Friday (4/27/18):  No Religion class.


(Homework is due the day following assignment unless otherwise noted.) 

Monday (4/23/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: % and Proportions. Pg 353-355 (#1-41 Odd).
  • Algebra 1: Quiz. Pg 399 (#1-12).

Tuesday (4/24/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Percents/Decimals. Pg 358-360 (#1-57 Odd).
  • Algebra 1: Solve Special Types Linear Systems. Pg 406-408 (#5-31 Odd).  Solve Sys of Linear Inequalities. Pg 417-419 (#2-30 Even).

Wednesday (4/25/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Percent Equation. Pg 363-365 (#4-26).
  • Algebra 1: Chapter 6 Review. Pg 423-426 (#5-31).

Thursday (4/26/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Quiz Practice. Pg 366 (#1-22).
  • Algebra 1: Chapter Test Practice. Pg 427 (#1-28).

Friday (4/27/18):

  • Pre-Algebra:  7A Quiz.
  • Algebra 1: Chapter 6 Test.



Monday (4/23/18):  Please work on your Science Fair projects.

Tuesday (4/24/18):  On a sep. sheet of paper, do p. 501 (1-3).

Wednesday (4/25/18): Computer lab w/ Mrs. Fox.

Thursday (4/26/18):  Just read p. 506-7 for homework, so you'll have time to type up Science Fair reports.

Friday (4/27/18):  p. 514 (1-4)


Social Studies - Week of 4/23


Tuesday: Homework Due - 1 WS handed out - due Friday 4/27



Friday:  Chapter 12 WS Due


Literature (Updated 4/24)

Monday: No Literature Class on Mondays.  

Tuesday: Wizard of Oz novel given.  Read Ch 1-2 by Thurs and 3-4 by Tuesday. 

Wednesday: No Literature Class on Wednesday.  

Thursday: Worksheet on Characters/Setting of Novel; Chapter Questions. 



Language Arts (Updated 4/24)

Monday: No LA Class on Mondays

Tuesday: Dialogue Due; Test of Quotation Marks.  

Wednesday: Underlining, Italics and Titles Worksheet

Thursday: No LA class on Thursday.  



Spelling/Vocab (updated 4/24)

Monday: No LA/Lit on Mondays.

Tuesday:  Test on Ch 9. Vocab Section 10 assigned due Friday.  Notecards required for this week.  (Check at test)



Friday: Vocab Test


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