8th Grade

8th Grade

Welcome to 8th Grade!

My name is Paula Van Hollebeke and this is my 3rd year teaching at St. Pius X School.  I love working in this generous, faithful, diverse community.  I am a strong advocate for Catholic education!  My husband and I have sent our daughters through school attending Christ the King Catholic School, St. Matthew School and Bishop Blanchet High School.  I would not have done it any other way!

I love working with middle school students! I manage and support the ASB students as they work to make St. Pius X School even better!  Last year, the ASB raised enough money to purchase our school a new drinking fountain!  This year, the ASB is interested in raising money to replace a broken recess ball collection bin.  Our students love our school and in working together to make improvements!  They've organized bake sales, hot cocoa sales, managed a snack cart for students during recess and a movie night.

This year, our field trips include Museum of Flight, March for Life, Sacred Heart Radio, our yearly Beach Field Trip, St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church, St. Cecilia's Retreat Center with Fr. Christiansen, Warm Beach!  

Along with my 8th Grade homeroom, I teach 6th-8th grade Math.  Based on the level at which my students are working, there are a variety of different things going on in my Math classes. We have 3 computer stations in my classroom that students can use to work on furthering their math skills on IXL, or Khan Academy.  Students are enjoying the Math Manipulatives that are available in my classroom to help them understand concepts.

I believe that St. Pius X is a secret worth telling!  I hope you come by and say hello! We welcome you!

Mrs. Van Hollebeke


Paula Van Hollebeke

News Items

Current Classroom Newsletter

February 05, 2019 


Private High School Applications

Decision Letters – Around February 14th, high schools will mail decision letters and financial aid offers to your home.  If you find that the financial aid package that they have offered you is not within your budget, then call their business office!  It has been my experience that if you ask for more money, they will give it to you.  Once you have made your decision to which school your child will attend next year, please be sure to notify the other school(s) that you are declining their offer(s).  This is important because it frees up money for other students who intend to attend that school.


Valentine’s Day Party!

On Thursday, February 14th, the 8th Grade class will have a Valentine’s Party from 2:30-3:15pm. If students wish to give out Valentine’s cards, they must give one out to each student in the classroom.  Otherwise, they will not be allowed to give out Valentine’s cards.  The list of students is on the back of this newsletter.  Please check with your student to see what food, drink, item they would like to contribute to the party.


Community Service Essay due 2/14/19

Trimester 2 will be over on February 26th.  Each trimester, 8th grade students are required to complete 7 hours of community service, and complete a reflection essay.  Two students have completed this requirement for the entire year.  The rest of the class will be expected to turn in their community service essay on Thursday, February 14th.  Please check with your child and be sure to encourage them not to wait until the last minute. 


Field Trip to Sacred Heart Radio, Tuesday, 2/26/19

On Tuesday, February 26th, the 8th Grade class will be making a visit to Sacred Heart Radio in Kirkland.  We will leave by 9am and return around noon.  Students will have the opportunity to record radio spots that will be aired at the top of the hour following our visit.  Last year, these radio spots were aired through the summer!  We will need 3-4 drivers/chaperones to get us there and back.  Please indicate on the permission slip if you are interested in driving/chaperoning. This is a free field trip. 


Professional Graduation Photos – TBD

Mrs. Farewell is in the process of arranging a date for a professional photographer to come to St. Pius and take graduation pictures of our 8th graders.  It will happen some time in February.  Once I know the date, I will email you.  It is important that all students be in attendance on that day.  Students will be in their best dress.  Pictures will be in the church first thing in the morning on either a Tuesday or Thursday.  Please make hair cut appointments with the photos in mind!


ASB Movie Night Plans – Save the Date!

ASB is planning a movie night on Friday, February 22nd from 7-8:30pm.  We will be in need of 6 adult chaperones to monitor children from Pre-K up to 8th Grade.  Mrs. Bucy and I will also be there to chaperone and help with details.  Please consider helping out!   We will be setting up in the gym from 6:30-7pm, cleaning up from 8:30-9pm.  ASB students will be selling snacks.  Look for the flier that will be going home in the Tuesday, Blue Folder on February 12th.  Please email me if you are interested in volunteering.  Thank you!


Warm Beach – Save the Date!

On Thursday, May 30th through Friday, May 31st, we will be taking the 8th Grade on a retreat to Warm Beach.  It’s a really fun retreat that gives the students a great memory together before they graduate and head off to different high schools.  Activities include swimming, a high-ropes course, climbing wall, canoeing, archery tag, camp fire.  Students will be staying in new cabins and eating in a mess hall.  We will need 2 male-adult chaperones and 2 female-adult chaperones to join us!  Trust me, after experiencing Camp Hamilton, these cabins are beautiful!  Boys will stay in one cabin and girls in another.  Each cabin fits 18 people.  Chaperones get their own queen-sized bed.  Each cabin also has 3 bathrooms and 3 showers.  One of the bathrooms will be designated as an “adult only” bathroom to comply with the Archdiocesan Environmental Safety requirements.  It’s only one night!  Please consider joining us!  It is great fun!  The earlier I know who the chaperones will be, the more time we will have to make sure chaperone paperwork is up to date!  We will also need drivers to and from the facility.  It’s about an hour’s drive north.  We welcome drivers!  Email me if you are interested. 


Dates to Remember:      

  • 2/14/19 – Community Service Essay Due
  • 2/14/19 – Valentine’s Party
  • 2/14/19 – High School Decision Letters mailed
  • 2/15/19 – No School
  • 2/18/19 – No School
  • 2/21/19 - Constitutional Convention Play, 2pm
  • 2/22/19 – Movie Night, 7-8:30pm, gym
  • 2/26/19 – Report Cards
  • 2/26/19 – Field Trip to Sacred Heart Radio
  • 3/06/19 – Ash Wednesday Mass, 9am – 8th Grade reads
  • 3/08/19 – Stations of the Cross Lead by 8th Grade, 1pm in church
  • 3/09/19 – St. Pius X Gala Auction
  • 3/13/19 – 8th Grade sings at Mass, 9am
  • 3/15/19 – No School. Teacher Inservice
  • 3/22/19 - Stations of the Cross Lead by 8th Grade, 1pm in church
  • 3/29/19 - Stations of the Cross Lead by 8th Grade, 1pm in church

Paula Van Hollebeke


School: (425) 778-9861



8th Grade


Monday (02/11/19):  No School. Snow Day!

Tuesday (02/12/19):  No School. Snow Day!

Wednesday (02/13/19):  Mass, 9am.  Snow Late Start.

Thursday (02/14/19):  Chapter 6 Review. Valentine's Day Party!

Friday (02/15/19):  No School.

Math - All assignments are due the following day.

Monday (02/11/19)

Pre-Algebra:  No School. Snow Day!

Pre-Algebra (2):  No School. Snow Day!

Algebra 1:  No School. Snow Day!

Tuesday (02/12/19)

Pre-Algebra:  No School.  Snow Day!

Pre-Algebra (2):  No School. Snow Day!

Algebra 1:  No School. Snow Day!

Wednesday (02/13/19) 

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 Pre-Req's. Pg 220 (#1-17).

Pre-Algebra (2):   Solve Inequalities (Multiplication). Pg 148-150 (#1-30).

Algebra 1:  Chapter 6 Review. Pg 423-426 (#1-31)

Thursday (02/14/19)

Pre-Algebra:  Rational Numbers. Pg 224-226 (#1-30).

Pre-Algebra (2):  Multi-Step Inequalities. Pg 153-155 (#1-25).  Chapter 3 Test is scheduled for Friday, 2/22/19.

Algebra 1:  Chapter 6 Test Practice. Pg 427 (#1-30).  Chapter 6 Test is scheduled for Wednesday, 2/20/19.

Friday (02/15/19)

Pre-Algebra:  No School.

Pre-Algebra (2):  No School.

Algebra 1:  No School.


Social Studies (1/7-1/11)

All assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted.

Monday: Work on Ch. 6 study guide, due wednesday


Wednesday: Ch. 6 Study Guide Due


Friday: Ch. 6 Test



All assignments due the following day unless otherwise noted..









        Monday: (2/11) Snow Day

Tuesday: (2/12)  Snow Day

Wednesday:(2/13) Worked on Sonnet in class today. 

Thursday: (2/14) Sonnet DUE at end of class tomorrow.  Must have draft (14 lines) with you.

Friday (2/15) No School




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