8th Grade

8th Grade


My name is Paula Van Hollebeke and I am the 8th Grade homeroom teacher here at St. Pius X Catholic School. This is my second year teaching at St. Pius X and I love it! I manage the 8th Grade homeroom, teach 8th Grade Religion and 6th through 8th Grade Math.  I love teaching Religion and Math and doing so allows me to use the gifts that God has given to me!

I married into a big Catholic family to Paul and we have two daughters, Alaina (18) and Emma (15).  Both of our daughters attended catholic grade school (St. Matthew) and high school (Bishop Blanchet).  Alaina is now attending college at Western Washington University.  While the girls were growing up, I substitute taught at various catholic schools including St. Alphonsus, St. Benedict, Christ the King and St. Mark.  Before our children were born, I taught 1st Grade at Assumption-St. Bridget Catholic School in the U-District. 

Working at St. Pius X Catholic School has given me a wonderful sense of community.  I enjoy organizing experiences for the students here and giving all that I can to further their life experience in a joyful way.  Some of these fun experiences include field trips to Museum of Flight, Sacred Heart Radio, Camp Hamilton Outdoor Education Camp, Golden Gardens, Warm Beach, March for Life, St. James Cathedral, MOHAI, St. Cecilia's Retreat Center.

As 8th Grade homeroom teacher, I also manage the ASB which has 13 members.  Our ASB is an active, excited and productive group of students who make every effort to try to improve on things going on at school and around the world.  Currently, they are organizing a dance for middle school students where the proceeds will go to victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  

I think that St. Pius X Catholic School is a hidden wonderful secret and that if more families were aware of this wonderful school, we would have lines out the door of people wanting to register!


Paula Van Hollebeke

AKA, "Mrs. Van" 



News Items

Current Classroom Newsletter

February 5, 2018 

NEXT ASB MEETING:  Monday, 2/12/18. 12:20-12:40pm. Bring red folder.

Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

If you have not turned in your unsold tickets, please do so!  A last attempt to sell remaining tickets will be sold through the school office.  In this Tuesday Folder, there is a ticket order form for school families to purchase tickets.  At this time, we have about 205 tickets left to sell. If we don't sell anymore, the profit that has been made will cover the cost of the tickets, the field trip to Museum of Flight and part of our cost for Warm Beach.  This means that right now, the cost for each child to go to Warm Beach will be $50.  I will keep you updated with the sales from the office so that we can lower this cost.  We will provide scholarships to families who qualify, as we want everybody to attend this retreat to Warm Beach!  If you would like to chaperone, let me know! We still need 1 more male, and 2 females. We will take this time to make sure your Virtus training is up to date.  The cost of the retreat includes the cost for the 4 chaperones and 1 teacher, so there is no cost for chaperones.   

Private High School Applications 

Mid-February, you will be receiving acceptance letters and scholarship offers from private high schools.  Be aware that if your child was accepted to Bishop Blanchet High School, a student from there will come to your house to present your child with a BBHS T-Shirt sometime between Friday, 2/16 and 2/18.  Generally, the schools want to know your decision to enroll by March 1st.  That means that they also want to know if you will decline an offer. 

If you applied for Financial Assistance, remember to scan and upload a copy of your 2017 Tax Return to compete your application. 

Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday:

This year, Valentine's Day is the same day as Ash Wednesday, 2/14.  Because Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday, 2/13 instead. Our party will be first thing in the morning, 9:00 – 10:15There will be no Math that day for 8th graders. If your child is going to make Valentine's, they will need to make them for each student in the class.  The list of students will be on the back of this newsletter.  Students may bring food and drink. I will provide the makings for hot chocolate.

Field Trip to Sacred Heart Radio:

Our field trip to Sacred Heart Radio will be on Tuesday, February 27th, 9:00 – noon.  A permission slip is enclosed in this week's Tuesday Folder packet.  Please indicate if you are willing to drive. Permission slips are due by Thursday, February 15th. There is no cost for this fieldtripStudents should bring a sack lunch and water.  They have been listening weekly to Sacred Heart Radio and writing their responses to what they have heard.  They will get a tour of the station, record something that will be aired on the radio and get to learn about radio broadcasting!  On Thursday, February 22nd, Jim Anderson will visit our class during music and record them singing a Lent-themed song.  He is going to edit this version and have it prepared for them to hear when we visit the station.

Save the Date!

  • Field Trip to Sacred Heart Radio will be 2/27/18, 9:00-noon. More information to follow.
  • Class Graduation Pictures RESCHEDULED!  3/22/18, 9:00am.
  • Save the date for our overnight retreat to Warm Beach that may be happening May 31 to June 1st.  

Dates to Remember:

  • 2/12/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 – 12:40pm 
  • 2/13/18 - Valentine Party, 9am-10:15 
  • 2/14/18 - Ash Wednesday, 8th Grade Reads at Mass, 9am 
  • 2/15/18 - Community Service due: 7 hours and essay 
  • 2/16/18 - No School 
  • 2/19/18 - No School 
  • 2/22/18 - Jim Anderson in Music class to record song for radio
  • 2/23/18 - Stations of the Cross, 1pm – Lead by 8th Grade 
  • 2/26/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 – 12:40pm
  • 2/27/18 - FIELD TRIP to Sacred Heart Radio, Kirkland. 9:15am-noon 
  • 2/27/18 - Report Cards
  • 3/01/18 - High School Enrollment Registration Deadline
  • 3/02/18 - Stations of the Cross, 1pm - Lead by 8th Grade
  • 3/03/18 - Gala Auction
  • 3/09/18 - Stations of the Cross, 1pm - Lead by 8th Grade
  • 3/12/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 - 12:40pm
  • 3/16/18 - No School. Teacher Inservice
  • 3/22/18 - Class Graduation Pictures, 9am.
  • 3/23/18 - Stations of the Cross, 1pm - Lead by 8th Grade
  • 3/26/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 - 12:40pm
  • 3/28/18 - 8th Reads at Mass
  • 3/29/18 - Holy Thursday Noodle Soup Lunch, 12pm
  • 3/30/18 - Passion Play
  • 3/30/18 - Good Friday, Noon Dismiss
  • 4/2 to 4/6 - Easter Break

Paula Van Hollebeke


School: (425) 778-9861




Monday (2/12/18): Begin Chapter 11, Pg 81 - Conversion of Paul.

Tuesday (2/13/18): Continue, Pg 82 -  Paul's Travels & Letters (Epistles), Complete BLM 46A/46B. Due Wednesday.

Wednesday (2/14/18): Ash Wednesday Mass, 9am. 8th Grade reads! Read Pg 84 - First Ecumenical Council. Homework: Chapter 11 Review worksheet. Study cards for Chapter 11 Quiz handed out.

Thursday (2/15/18): Quiz on Chapter 11 during Mentor period.  Fr. Christiansen in class.

Friday (2/16/18):  No School.


(Homework is due the day following assignment unless otherwise noted.) 

Monday (2/12/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Correct Assignments.
  • Algebra 1: Correct Assignments.

Tuesday (2/13/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: No Math. Valentine's Party.
  • Algebra 1: No Math. Valentine's Party.

Wednesday (2/14/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Use Multiplicative Inverses. Pg 255-257 (#2-44 Even).
  • Algebra 1: Point-Slope Form. Pg 245-248 (#1-41 Odd).

Thursday (2/15/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Equality/Inequality. Pg 261-263 (#1-57 1/3).
  • Algebra 1: Standard Form. Pg 254-255 (#2-42 Even).

Friday (2/16/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: No School.
  • Algebra 1: No School.



Monday (2/12/18):  no hw

Tuesday (2/13/18):  Flood waters write-up if not completed in class

Wednesday (2/14/18): Computer lab w/ Mrs. Fox - Coding class!

Thursday (2/15/18):  Modified on 2/15: please read pgs. 300-05 and complete WA map with items listed in class.

Friday (2/9/18):  no school


Social Studies -Week of 02/12/2018

Monday: Continue project work. Practice presentations. In class presentations begin 2/13, presentations for school on 2/15 1:00 -1:45.

Tuesday: Presentations

Wednesday: Presentations

Thursday:School Wide Presentations



Literature (Updated 2/12)

Monday: No Literature Class on Mondays.  

Tuesday: Present Poems


Thursday: Present Poems



Language Arts (Updated 2/12)

Monday: No LA Class on Mondays

Tuesday:  Comma Usage Review Poster

Wednesday: Comma Usage Review Poster




Spelling/Vocab (updated 2/12)

Monday: No LA/Lit on Mondays.

Tuesday: Vocab Ch 5


Thursday:  Vocab Ch 5 Test



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