1st Grade

1st Grade

Welcome to 1st Grade!

 Hello! I am Miss Bucy, the first grade teacher at St. Pius X. This is my third year of teaching, but my first year at St. Pius X. I attended St. Monica Catholic School on Mercer Island from kindergarten through eighth grade. I had such a wonderful experience there and the teachers were so inspiring, I decided to become a teacher so I can help children the same way my teachers helped me. I earned my Bachelor's of Arts in Education from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. When I am not teaching, I love to travel, read, sing, go camping, and spend time with my family.

My goal as a teacher is to help my students learn about the world around them and to help them see how they can change the world. I strive to help my students be the best students, people, and Christians that they can be. I look forward to working with them this year and I cannot wait to see how much they grow!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can email me at sbucy@stpx.org! 

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Read 15 minutes every night and fill out your reading log. (Parents: Please make sure to initial your child's reading log!)

Every week your student will have a spelling list. They will receive the spelling list on Monday. They need to study it throughout the week and then on Friday, they will have a spelling test. 

Once or twice a week, students will also have a math worksheet that will be due the next day.


Spelling List for week of September 11:

1) at

2) can

3) cat

4) back

5) dad

6) am

7) bat

8) mad

9) ran

10) sack

First Grade Spelling List for the Week of September 18th

1. in

2. it

3. did

4. sit

5. six

6. fix

7. lip

8. mix

9. pin

10. wig

Bonus Words

11. and

12. take


Spelling Words for the Week of September 25th

1. mom

2. hot

3. hop

4. pot

5. pop

6. ox

7. lock

8. mop

9. got

10. rock

Bonus Words:

11. help

12. use

Spelling Words for the Week of October 2nd

1. nap

2. naps

3. sit

4. sits

5. win


7. fit

8. fits

9. hit

10. hits

11. her

12. too

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