2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Louise Moynihan

Mrs. Moynihan is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Spokane. After high school she moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University. She graduated from Western in 1974 with a major in chemistry and mathematics minor. Her first job after college was as a lab assistant at Georgia Pacific Company in Bellingham. Her husband’s teaching career took them to Westport, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Moynihan’s three daughters were born while they lived in Westport, then the family moved to Everett and then Marysville where their two sons were born. Her husband continued to teach in Everett and then Marysville schools. She began working as an educational assistant in Marysville schools and that experience working with teachers encouraged her to go back to school to get a teaching degree. She again chose WWU and completed her elementary education training. After two years as a substitute teacher Mrs. Moynihan came to work at St. Pius X School in the fall of 2007 teaching 2nd grade where she has remained for these past nine years. She really enjoys being able to teach kids about Reconciliation and Eucharist. Her favorite subjects continue to be math and science. On occasion Mrs. Moynihan is able to share her love of music and help the student choir at Mass. Mrs. Moynihan and her husband sing in the choir at Immaculate Conception Church in Everett, their home parish.

News Items

September 26, 2017

Dear families,

The first month is almost over! It's hard to believe we've been in school that long. The students have done a very good job adjusting to our routines and class procedures. We completed our MAP testing last week. Mrs. Fox and I were very grateful to complete it. We are back to our normal homework routine now. The homework with spelling list was posted yesterday on the school website and newsletters will be posted there also.

It was great to see you at Curriculum Night. I am happy to respond by email, note or phone to any questions or concerns.During Curriculum Night I forgot to ask for the assistance I need during the year. We need a room parent to coordinate parties, a communication parent to send out emails when needed to the class, and 1 or 2 auction parents to be in charge of the auction project. Please let me know if you are able to take on any of these important jobs.

We completed our first chapter in math and the students did very well. Our next chapter is again covering addition and subtraction, but the numbers will be up to 18. We are beginning our mad minute fact practice this week.

Reading testing was completed last week and we will begin reading groups. This will also enable me to individualize reading instruction more. Library day is Thursday.

Our first unit in social studies will be completed next week and a review for the test will come home. If students study the review the test will not be difficult.

In religion we are studying Baptism and the new life we receive from God. During our weekly Mass attendance our 5th grade buddies help us to stay focused and participate more fully in the prayers and hymns. Thank you for sending them in full uniform.

Our first science unit is on physics and matter. We are learning many ways to classify matter as human-made or natural, living or non-living, and by the material it is made of.

The weather is very changeable in the fall. We go out to recess most days so please send a coat or jacket with your students. Jog-a-thon is tomorrow and free dress is allowed for that Wednesday. Please make sure the clothing is appropriate to school policy. Shorts must be fingertip length and all shirts must have sleeves.

Thank you for all you do for your students.

Louise Moynihan



Practice addition facts


Read 15 minutes and get your reading log signed.(5 days a week) Mon., Tues., Wed., Thur. plus 1 day over the weekend


Wed. P. 16-17 in handwriting book.


Spelling test on Friday

Monday Write 6 good sentences from the list

Tuesday Write the words and bonus words 3 times each

Thursday Have someone give you a practice test and correct it

Unit 1

Lesson 4

1. talked

2. talking

3. dropped

4. dropping

5. excited

6. exciting

7. lifted

8. lifting

9. hugged

10. hugging

11. smiled

12. smiling













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