4th Grade

4th Grade

June 4-8

As we are rapidly coming to the end of the year, just a bit of information for you:)

I have gone through the extra supplies you provided at the beginning of the year and have bagged them up for each student, setting them aside until nextweek.  You may want to get these when they come home on Thursday and save them for the fall. 

Wednesday is graduation for the 8th grade.  Students need to be in uniform for the special Mass. 

There will be several end-of-the-year tests this wee.  For social studies there will be a review packet (study guide) made up of a number of the chapter tests. Students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to answer these questions, even though they will not be collected. We will corredt what is done in class on Wednesday and the test will beFriday.  I will make the test using actual questions from the study guide.  Reading and math tests will be spread out over a number of days so it is not overwhelming.  They are really just putting into practice the work we have been doing all along.  Sciene will be a simple chapter test.  They will get the review sheet on Tuesday, we will correct it on Wednesday and then the test is Thursday.  We will have no final Religion, grammar or spelling test. I hav enough evidence of their progress at this time to forgo further testing. Spelling this week will be an exercise in learning but not recorded as a test so as not to add to any anxiety.  We will still be doing the work of the lesson.


Spelling List: Suffixes ful, ly,ion

careful      tasteful      lonely      powerful       suggestion      peaceful      recently  

extremely     certainly      wisely      harmful      monthly      yearly      successful  

playful      thoughtful      actually      pollution      corre tion      eagerly

Challenge Words:  separation  description   immediately    suspenseful   completely


All of these assignments have been started in class and may have been even complleted.  They are, however, listed so parents as well as students have the opportunity to look over them and make any necessary changes.  So, though it may look like a lot, it is rather a reflection of the day's work and not expected to all be done as homework.

 Monday:  Math packet

           Social Studies Study Guide: answer as many as possible, not to be turned in, will be corrected in class Wednesday



          Spelling p. 113-116,  due Thursday

         Science WS

         Social Studies


Wednesday:  Mass












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News Items

Thanks to those parents who signed up to volunteer Tuesday, Halloween, to help out with the Halloween caroling!!  Get your walking shoes on!  We will leave the classroom at about 11 a.m.  If you can't make it, no problem.  We have plenty of helpers.  Have a great week, Miss Cooney


Homework for January 16-19

Spelling words for the week:  return, courage, surface, purpose, first, turkey, heard, early, turtle, bityhday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey;                              Challenge Words: turquoise, absurd, furthermore, flourish, nourishment

Monday: Math p. 188-189;                                                                      

               Handwriting WS

               Read 30-40 Min

Tuesday: Science Review: Test Thursday on Part 1 Zoology: collect WSs

              Math WS

Wednesday Spelling WS

               Math p. 195

               Science Review WS

               Read for 30-40 minutes in a quiet place.


              Math WS

              Spelling: study for test

             Read 30-40 mins.




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