4th Grade

4th Grade


Hello everyone!!  We would like to invite you to our fourth grade classroom to see our longhouses, totem poles and button blankets.  While you are here, you can write positive comments on students' "comment card".  There may be another class in here at the same time, but that is fine, the more the merrier!!  Hope to see you soon...here is when the Museum will be open:

Thur, 12/7 from 10:40-11:40 and 2-3pm.

Friday, 12/8 from 10;40-11:40am


News Items

Thanks to those parents who signed up to volunteer Tuesday, Halloween, to help out with the Halloween caroling!!  Get your walking shoes on!  We will leave the classroom at about 11 a.m.  If you can't make it, no problem.  We have plenty of helpers.  Have a great week, Miss Cooney


Homework for December 4-8

Spelling words for List A:  could, not, couldn't, light, Advent, season, purple, rose, pink, candle, wreath, Jesus, sin, forgive, renew

Monday, 12/4

1. Math worksheet

2. Science paper, both sides, use your Sci. booklet for answers

3. Religion:  take time as a family to gather around/near the Advent wreath and say 2-3 prayers together.

4. Read for 30-40 minutes in a quiet place.


Tuesday, 12/5

1.  Science paper, draw a vertebrate and answer questions/facts about it.

2.  Religion p. 40

3.  Math worksheet

4.  Read 30-40 mins.

Wed, 12/6

1.  Spelling pp. 29-32

2.  Grammar pp. 29 and 30

3.  Say your prayers!

4.  Read 30-40 mins.

Thur, 12/7

1.  Spelling words 3x each (neatness counts)

2.  Math worksheet

2.5 Reading comprehension paper

3.  Tell your family 3 facts about Advent or the Advent wreath

4.  Read 30-40 mins.



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