4th Grade

4th Grade


Hello families!!  Does anyone know who are class room parents are??  Is anyone signed up yet to help with the class Auction project??  If you know the answers to these questions, please email me at:  jcooney@stpx.org.  Thanks so much.  If you'd like to help out, please let me know.  Have a great day, Miss Cooney

News Items

We'll be using the microscopes this week and next week to look at a variety of living things.  Hopefully, we will see some creepy cells!!

As good scientists always do, we will record our findings and draw our observations.  This will be done in our Science notebook.  Wow, fourth grade scientists!  So cool...we'll keep your posted and maybe even publish our findings.



Homework for Oct. 16-20

Monday, 10/16:

1. Math worksheet

2. Reading/writing activity paper

3. Cursive Writing book pp. 13 and 14

4. Read for 30-40 minutes in a quiet place.


Tuesday, 10/17:

1. Math worksheet

2. Spelling WB pp. 9 and 10

3. Cursive Book pp. 15 and 16

4.  Read at home for 30-40 mins.


 Wednesday, 10/18:

1. Math worksheet

2. Religion Vocab. cards-practice!  Our Religion test will be next week.  I will let you know the exact day next Monday.  The students will take notes in class, then be tested on the vocabulary words, the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.

3. Write all Spelling words 3X each.  Bonus:  (worth 5 extra points) Write 1 or 2 sentences using 2 or more of your Spelling words.

4. Study for your Grammar test (it is on Friday).  Use the study guide that was given in class.  The test is worth 100 pts.


Thursday, 10/19:

1.  Spelling WB pp. 11 and 12

2.  Math activity sheet

3.  Study for your Spelling and Grammar tests...good luck!

4.  Read 30-40 mins.

Spelling words for group A:  great, sound, whole, juicy, fruit, opened, waiting, presents, sticky, slices, apples, crunchy, green, yellow, red.

Spelling words for group B:  sweet, each, three, least, freedom, below, throat, float, foam, flown, greet, season, croak, shallow, eagle, indeed, rainbow, grown, seaweed, hollow. 

Challenge:  Halloween, speedometer, underneath, seacoast, cocoa.


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