7th Grade

7th Grade


Last week I sent out my new weekly newsletter - Poteet's Piece.  I hope that this will help you support your child in their learning.  


CDA Essay is due on Friday.  It must be typed and your student's very best work.  



Good Morning!  Wishing everyone a blessed week.  We finished up Chapter 3 in Religion today and I was pleased with everyone's scores.  I think this class was as interested learning about the Gospels as I was.  We are finishing up CH 19 about some Basic Sentence Structures in English and will take our test late this week or early next.  We are also continuing on with our plot arcs.  

Food Drive - If we bring in 30 items of food as a class, I will reward the class with either game time or gym time during mentor period one day.  

Reading Is Sweet - Right now the 6th Grade is in a healthy lead with 822 pages read in a week, averaging 68 pgs/student.  I hope 7th Grade will catch up this week - our average is a bit low.  And there is an ice-cream party on the line.  


October 29, 2018

Happy Halloween, All Saint's Day, and Grandparent's Day to everyone.  This will be a particularly busy week for the 7th Grade.  

Dias de la Muertos - Students are encouraged to bring pictures of dearly departed loved ones to grace our St. Pius X altar.  We are making tissue paper flowers and coloring calaveras.

All Saint's Day - This is a Holy Day of Obligation and students will attend Mass that morning.  Please come in full uniform.  

Grandparents/Grandfriends Day - We will be reading a classic book for our Grandfriends this year and making cards and a banner. Have your Grandfriend come visit your student and bring a lunch to celebrate with us.   

However, we will be getting lots done too.  7th Grade is reviewing our basic sentence parts and moving onto phrases and clauses.  (Ch 19.)  We are moving quickly through the unit and will have a test early next week.  In Literature, we are using Freitag's Pyramid to understand aspects of how a plot unfolds.  We will also be bringing in some practice on types of figurative language.  Finally, in Religion, we are finishing up Ch 3 and will have a test on Friday.  

NOTE:  Tomorrow we will be doing our required  bi-annual Virtus lesson on "Boundaries." If you are uncomfortable with your child participating in these lessons, each student received an opt-out form today.   

Book Fair starts this week - Encourage your child to read with a favorite new book.  Proceeds go to benefit our school.  

Reading Contest - 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades will be participating in a reading contest this year through English class.  The class with the highest average pages/student by the December 14 deadline will win an ice cream party in English class.  

October 22, 2018

Hello Parents!  It is great to be back in the classroom with your wonderful children.  Conferences went well and we are trying to get back in the swing of things.  Seventh Grade has a field trip on Wednesday AND on Friday.  Make sure that you have turned in payment and permission slips for both field trips.  I am also missing one more report card folder.  I need those returned after every progress report and report card, please.  In Religion, we are beginning Ch 3 which is about the Christian Scriptures.  Be sure to ask your students about the differences in the Gospels.  In English, we are reviewing some basic sentence parts before spending a lot of time on phrases and clauses.  We are also continuing to study stories from our Literature book with a focus on the plot arc of a story.


October 2, 2018

MAP testing is finished, and we are back to a regular schedule!  Half of the students have completed a Fall tree art project. The rest are due this Friday. I hope you will all be able to see them on display in the classroom.  Students were able to type up their paragraphs in Technology class yesterday. We will do some final editing and turn them in.  Be sure to turn in any pledges you still have from the Jog-a-thon.

Happy October,

Patti Melton


September 20, 2018


The students have worked hard this week on MAP testing.  They have all learned a process for taking vocabulary notes and should be studying words for Vocabulary and Religion. They have completed a rough draft of a paragraph on study skills and are learning strategies for revising. We will continue work on these after testing. They have also been writing in journals. Their first Reading Response journal entry is due Friday. I was very impressed with the way they participated in a fire drill the other day.  They were silent and serious. Great job being role models for the younger students!

Your children have given me a warm welcome to the school and have helped me in many ways! They deserve extra hugs for dealing with two substitutes in two weeks!









My name is Ms. Patti Melton, and I will be the substitute teacher until Mrs. Poteet returns in mid-October.  I come to you with 29 years of experience teaching middle school at St. Thomas More in Lynwood. I have an endorsement in English and an Administrative certificate. I served as the Vice Principal for 13 years.  I am excited to be here!

I have two boys. Travis is 26 and recently engaged. He currently works for Tesla. Josh is 22 and is currently a student at St. Martins Univiersity studying Business.  Both boys attended St. Thomas More School, Biship Blanchet High School, and St. Martins University.  I also have 2 cats and 4 chickens. I like to knit and do paper crafts.

I believe study skills help all students to be successful.  Teaching some of these skills will be a focus while I am here.  All students will have notes to study.

I hope I have an opportunity to meet you all!  Please let me know if you have any questions!



Patti Melton

Christene Poteet

Patty Melton

News Items

Mrs. Christene Poteet, 7th Grade Religion/ Middle School Literature, Language Arts & Spelling/Vocabulary is on maternity leave until mid-October.





Monday : (2/11) Snow day

Tuesday :  (2/12) Snow Day

Wednesday: (2/13) Mass. Ch 13 Chapter Review Questions.   

Thursday (2/14): Ch 13 Quiz given as classwork.  Read Ch 10.

Friday (2/15): No School


Math:  All assignments are due the following day. 

Monday (02/11/19)

7th Grade:  No School.  Snow Day!

Pre-Algebra:  No School.  Snow Day!

Tuesday (02/12/19)

7th Grade:  No School.  Snow Day!

Pre-Algebra:  No School.  Snow Day!

Wednesday (02/13/19)

7th Grade:  Write Proportions. Worksheet Pg 22.

Pre-Algebra:  Addition Principle. Pg 333 (#1-14).

Thursday (02/14/19)

7th Grade:  Solve Proportions. Worksheet Pg 23.

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 6 Review. Pg 334-337 (#1-35).  Chapter 6 Test is scheduled for Thursday, 2/21/19.

Friday (02/15/19)

7th Grade: No School.

Pre-Algebra: No School.


Social Studies

All assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted. We rotate social studies and science. We will return to social studies on Nov. 5th.


Tuesday: pg.130-132

Wednesday: Read pg. 133-135

Thursday:  Read pgs. 136-138. Continue to work on study guide




All assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted.









Monday: (2/11) Snow Day

Tuesday: (2/12) Snow Day

Wednesday: (2/13)   Section 3 Due 2/14.  11/3/43 - 3/7/44.  (10 pages a day)

Thursday: (2/14) Anne Frank Test Section 3 Quiz. Section 4 assigned.  

Friday: (2/15) No School 


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