Safe Environment

The Archdiocese of Seattle is requiring all volunteers that are in unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults to take the Safe Environment class. This means for example, coaches, parents that drive on field trips or work with students at school, religious education class, and Eucharistic ministers to the homebound must take this class. The class is approximately 3 hours in length. Jeanne Johnson and Ann Moore will present the class on Friday, Oct. 19 from 6:30-9:30PM in the church social hall. You may register online at or contact Mrs. brown and she will register you for the class.

If you have already taken the class in person and need to take the renewal online, please follow these steps:

  • Go Here:
  • On the left column - click onto 'register for classes'
  • Under the picture is a gray bar - click 'my obligations'
  • Enter your first name, last name and street address (not the city or state)
  • Select the current training you are required to take.
  • If you have any questions or problems accessing this online, please call the school office and we will help you.