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Welcome to 1st Grade!

 April 24, 2017


Reading/Grammar – This week we will focus on what treasure we can share with our neighbors. We will read a realistic fiction called, “Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper’s House.” In grammar, we will work on adjectives that compare. The students will add -er to an adjective to compare two persons, places, or things. They will add -est to an adjective to compare three or more persons, places, or things. We will continue to work with a graphic organizer to connect background information to our story.

Spelling – This week we will focus on suffixes ending in -ly and -ful. We will practice our words by typing the words in computer class, writing the words, and in spelling games. Our spelling test will be on Friday, April 28th.

Math – The students have been working on fractions and symmetry. They have identified objects that show symmetry and drew lines of symmetry. This week the students will work on fractions by showing and identifying one half, one third, or one fourth of a group of two, three, or four objects.

Religion – Prior to our spring break the students have been busy reflecting on their Lenten journey. They learned about how Jesus showed us His Great Love by giving the gift of Himself. This week we will focus on the Easter season. We will celebrate Jesus rising from the dead with new life. The students will read the story, “The Road to Emmaus.”

Science –  We have moved on from studying animals to studying our bodies and discovering what is inside our bodies. The students are now physiologist, and they are busy working on discovery and learning about the organs of a human body and some organs you can see and others are hidden. This week we will focus on the bones inside our body. We will learn how many bones we have inside, the bones in our skull, the largest bone and the smallest bone in our body.  




Welcome Back!!!

Hope you had a restful and peaceful spring break.

Please remember to view our classroom website at www.stpx.org and click on the tab that says classrooms. I update our page each week and it’s a good place to find the weekly spelling words.

 Important Reminders

April 24th – Dismissal 2pm – Deadline for submitting artwork for the Edmonds Art Festival.

April 25th – Hot Cocoa Sale during lunch time $1.00 

April 26th – Mass 9:00 am CYO Track practice 3:15 pm

April 28th – Students/Staff Bowling.

April 29th – International Dinner 6:00 pm


     Specialist Schedule

  Monday - PE and Technology

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Choir and Technology

Friday - Art


1st Grade - Homework

Spelling Words

 Week of April 24th   

(Suffixes -ly, -ful) 

    1. slowly
    2. careful
    3. quickly
    4. useful
    5. painful
    6. playful
    7. sadly
    8. gladly
    9. nicely
    10. wonderful
    11. because*
    12. across*

 *High-frequency words



 Students read for 15 minutes and complete their reading log.

Monday - Reading log and worksheet

Tuesday - Reading log and worksheet

Wednesday - Reading log and worksheet  

Thursday - Reading log and study for the spelling test

Friday - No Homework