1st Grade

1st Grade News

Welcome to 1st Grade!

 March 24, 2017


Reading/Grammar – This week we focused on what treasures can we find in the earth. The students read a biography called, “Mister Bones”. A story about an American paleontologist named Barnum Brown. In grammar, we focused on adjectives, with an emphasis on sizes (big, small, long, and short). Next week, we will focus on how can we share special days (Fourth of July, Christmas, Chinese New Year…) and special foods (turkey, black-eyed peas, cake, cranberries…). The students will read a realistic fiction called, “The Lady in the Moon”. We will discuss and complete a Venn diagram to compare two holidays (Moon Festival and Thanksgiving). In grammar, we will continue to work with adjectives and focus on adjectives to describe and tell what kind of item we are talking about.

Math – This week, we worked on writing number sentences by solving problems in writing subtraction sentences. The students also worked on writing related addition and subtraction facts. They learned about fact families. We continue to talk about the importance of learning our math facts. Thank you for helping your child at home with his/her math facts. Next week, we will start working on finding differences by using known addition facts and we will solve problems by choosing addition or subtraction.

Religion – We are learning how Jesus shows God’s Love. We are reading stories of how Jesus cured the paralyzed man and Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus. They took home a puzzle with Jairus’s daughter from the back of their books. The students can share their puzzle with families at home and retell the story they read in class.  

Science –  The class learned which animals live in three land habitats (forests, desert, and grasslands). They continue to write in their science books drawing animals and writing the habitats of each animal. We also talked about water habitats (ocean, pond, and ice) and learned about the animals that live in those habitats. Next week, we will learn about animals that use camouflage to protect themselves from other animals.  




 120th Day Celebration – We had a great time celebrating our 120th day of school. The students brought in 120 items and shared how they counted and gathered those items. We had paper clips, marshmallows, sunflower seeds, q-tips, popcorn kernels, Legos, and pom-poms, just to name a few. Some of the favorite activities were writing 120 words, stacking 120 red cups, counting and writing from 1 to 120, using 120 Lego pieces to build a plane, roll dice 120 times, and flip a coin 120 times.


 Important Reminders

March 27th – Dismissal 2pm – School Commission Meeting 7pm – Lenten Parish Mission 7pm.

March 28th – Lenten Parish Mission 7pm.

March 29th – All School Mass 9am (Grade 8-reads, Grade 7-sings) – BAKE SALE-during lunch time - Lenten Parish Mission 7pm.

March 31st – Stations of the Cross 1:10pm – Last day to buy Taco Time Books.


    Specialist Schedule


 Monday - PE and Technology

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Choir and Technology

Friday - Art


1st Grade - Homework

Spelling Words

 Week of March 27th 

(Long i: ie, igh) 

    1. lie
    2. tie
    3. high
    4. might
    5. right
    6. night
    7. bright
    8. light
    9. pie
    10. tight
    11. above*
    12. laugh*

 *High-frequency words



 Students read for 15 minutes and complete their reading log.

Monday - Reading log and worksheet

Tuesday - Reading log and worksheet

Wednesday - Reading log and worksheet  

Thursday - Reading log and study for the spelling test

Friday - No Homework