Welcome to 1st Grade!

 May 19, 2017

Reading/Grammar – This week, the students learned why they wanted to find answers to some questions.  They read an informational fiction story called, “Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery.” Next week, we find great ideas that make our lives easier. The students will read an expository nonfiction called, “Simple Machines.” An expository nonfiction explains something. Our story explains how simple machines make work easier. In grammar, the students will use pronouns in words he, she, it we, you, and they.

Math – This week, the students worked on comparing numbers greater than (>), less than (<), and equal to (=). They were given three two-digit numbers and placed them in order from least to greatest or from greatest to least. The students wrote a three-digit number for a given model of hundreds, tens, and ones. Next week, the students will collect data and organize the data into a picture and bar graphs. 

Religion – This week we learned Jesus is with us in His church. The students learned that Jesus chose Peter to lead His church and how Peter was the first pope. We talked about Pope Francis and how he leads the church today and how we are under the leadership of the Holy Father.

Science –  This week we learned and identified the function and parts of our circulatory system. We added new words to our Science word wall in heart, blood, arteries, and veins. Next week, we will review what we have learned as Physiologist. We will identify parts in a skeleton, muscles, skin, digestive system, respiratory system, and circulatory system.

Social Studies – The students have been working on maps. They labeled a compass rose and identified certain landforms by differentiating between land and water. Next week, they will work on a treasure hunt and following directions in a specific order.

Handwriting – When we write our letters we start from the top. Please encourage your child to do the same at home. Thank you!! 


Field Trip - Thank you to all our parent volunteer drivers. We had a great time watching the play and seeing one of our favorite characters come alive. The students were amazing representing St. Pius X School.

Field Day – This Wednesday (5/24) is field day. We will participate in various activities in the afternoon. Please have your child wear appropriate athletic shoes.

 Important Reminders

May 20th – Qualifying Track Meet 3:00pm 

May 21st – First Communion 11:00am Mass 

May 22nd – 2:00pm Dismissal 

May 24th – School Mass 9:00am – Field Day 

May 26th – Free Dress 

May 29th – No School Memorial Day 

May 31st – School Mass 9:00am – 8th Grade Graduation



      Specialist Schedule

  Monday - PE and Technology

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Choir and Technology

Friday - Art