March 14, 2017

Dear Families,

          The field trip last week to Charlotte’s Web was great. Thank you again to our parents who helped us get there- Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Peato. We can’t have these trips without your kind support.

          We are completing Chapter 7 in math which covers geometry of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and fractions. We are coming to the review and will be doing some extra practice work to ensure that everyone is ready for the test. We are hoping to finish up our mad minute practice with addition. All students should be practicing math facts at home. They may bring the addition flash cards home if they need to practice. We are making subtraction flash cards now in class.

Our next big writing project involves both writing and social studies. We will be making an ABC book of social studies words. Some of them will come from our book, but I would like to include information from your student’s culture and family traditions. I have attached a sheet to allow you to brainstorm with your student on words that can be included.

Our science unit continues our study of physics. We are studying simple machines. We have learned about inclined planes, wedges, and screws so far.

Each student received a copy of their fable which will be used as a speech in class. They should be practicing at home. We will be presenting the speeches in class this Friday March 17th.

Our religion studies continue to prepare us for First Communion. We have begun studying the Mass and our participation in it. We will be reviewing the prayers and our responses.


          Thank you for all you do for your student.

 Mrs. Louise Moynihan

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