Religion Review Games:

State Report Resources:


Spelling Words

  1. distrust
  2. uncertain
  3. incomplete
  4. unlikely
  5. unfair
  6. discontinue
  7. unaware
  8. disorder
  9. discount
  10. indirect
  11. unopened
  12. disrespect
  13. unimportant
  14. unlisted
  15. disrepair
  16. inability
  17. disapprove
  18. unsolved
  19. disobey
  20. unsuspecting
  21. disintegrate
  22. disillusioned
  23. unconscious
  24. unappetizing
  25. intolerant


 State Report Requirements

Page 1: State Map

  • Label capital city with star and name
  • Label 5 other cities with dots and names
  • Put name of state in middle
  • Label bordering states
  • Color your state neatly in one color
  • Color neatly bordering states in a different color

Page 2: State Information

  • How the state got its name
  • Date it became a state and the number it is (was it the 1st or 2nd state…)
  • State Capital
  • State Population
  • State Area
  • State Nickname (If it has one)
  • State Flower
  • State Bird
  • State Motto

Page 3: Geography

  • Where is your state located? What states border your state?
  • What does your state look like? (For example, does it have rivers, mountains, and/or deserts?)
  • What is the highest point in your state?
  • What is the lowest point in your state?
  • What is the climate like in your state? What are the high and low temperatures? How much rain does it get?

Page 4: Economy

  • What natural resources does your state have? Include information about water, minerals, plants and animals.
  • What products does your state manufacture? Pick 2 products made in your state and tell about them.

Page 5: Recreation/Attractions

  • What do people do for fun in your state? Choose 5 attractions in your state. These could be museums, national parks, historical sites, battlefields, and/or amusement parks. Tell about each one. Describe what you would do and/or see at each attraction.

Page 6: Interesting Facts

  • Choose 5 more interesting facts that you learned about your state that are not already in your report. Tell us the fact and why you think it is interesting. Interesting facts may include famous people that were born or live in your state, sports teams, interesting laws, etc..