6th Grade Homeroom News:

Math - 6th Grade:

Starting 3/27/17, Monday 6th Grade Math will be conducted in the Computer Lab.  We have renewed our subscription to IXL.com.  Remember that we did a trial month on this system back in November.  We now have a yearly subscription.  Instead of a paper math assignment from our book, students will be doing their Monday "homework" on this website.  Each group will be required to correctly complete a specific number of problems within each specified category.  Students can work freely on this website at home for extra practice.  Over the summer, all middle school students will be required to do a specified amount of time each week working on their math so that they will retain the math that they learned over the academic year.  I will be checking the website and can monitor student progress.

Camp Hamilton:

Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets are here!  Each 5th and 6th grader is asked to sell 16 Brown Bear Car Wash tickets.   They are good at any Brown Bear Car Wash. The regular price for a car wash is $10 - $14. People will be saving $3 in purchasing one from your child! If people want to upgrade to a more expensive wash, they can pay extra at the time they get their car washed.

An envelope containing these tickets has been given to your child. Tickets will be sold for $7 per ticket. Payments may be made with cash, or checks made out to, "St. Pius X School."

When tickets have been sold, please return the envelope containing the checks and cash to Mrs. Brown. If you are unable to sell the tickets, please return them to Ms. Creighton or Mrs. Van Hollebeke. We will find a buyer for them!  Ticket sales ends 4/28/17. Please return the unsold tickets and money to school by 4/28/17.

Our Hot Chocolate sale fundraiser will be on Tuesday, April 25th from 12noon to 12:40. We have surplus supplies from our 3/20 Hot Chocolate sale and do not need any donations! Thank you to Aster Yared and Hirut Gidey for heading this fundraiser!


Please send a water bottle to school with your child.  This will limit the number of times students are leaving class, missing instruction and work time as they get a drink from the fountain. Thank you!  Also, please make sure your child has a warm coat, hat, gloves for outdoor recess. Students are sent outside if it is not raining. Thank you!


  • Field Trip to Golden Gardens Beach, 4/27/17 - Bring Sack Lunch!
  • I am checking planners on Fridays. Please initial your child’s planner on Thursday nights. Many students are forgetting to do this.
  • Please send a water bottle to school with your child so that they do not have to make frequent trips to get drinks from the fountain.
  • One Community Service experience is required at the end of each month.
  • Homework is updated on the website on Sunday. http://www.stpx.org/classpages/6th-grade/6th-grade-homework

Dates to remember:

  • 4/25/17 - Camp Hamilton Hot Cocoa Sale; 12:00-12:40. No IOU's.
  • 4/27/17 - Middle School Field Trip to Gold Gardens Park. 9:30a - 2:30p.
  • 4/28/17 - Brown Bear Car Wash Ticket Sales ends.  Return Money and unsold tickets to school.
  • 4/28/17 - April Community Service due/Prayer Test.
  • 5/3/17 - 5/5/17 - 5th/6th to Camp Hamilton.
  • 5/1/17 - 5/12/17 - MAP Testing.


Mrs. Van Hollebeke,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.