7th Grade News!

3/27  We are beginning to plan for the 8th Grade graduation breakfast.  I hope that each family will be able to volunteer in some way.  I will send out an email this week with further details and asking for leadership in helping plan the breakfast.

3/18  I have started a new weekly newsletter about information happening in our classes.  Please let me know if you have not received the inaugural letter from last week so I can add you to the list.  Thanks!

2/5 We had a fun and successful Catholic Schools Week last week, but this week is back to the grindstone for our students.  All student essays for the Catholic Daughters of America essay contest need to be typed and finished on Thursday 2/9/16.  NO LATE WORK will be accepted.

In addition, we are doing a class auction project that will be very special.  We are doing a class shadow box crested by the students to exemplify themselves and what they hold dear.  Several students have expressed how much they like their canvas so I hope that you will love our class project as well.


***Science  News***

As of 3/26 we will be starting our last unit for the year on Interactions of Matter Starting with Ch.13 :) I hope the students get into this because chemical bonding and reactions are all around us! If we have time we will move onto electricity! 

I will be offering tutoring for just 7th grade on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30ish ! If you need extra help come :) 

-Planners everyday - teacher will check thay planner is filled out on Thursday's - two lottery tickets will be handed out if all days are filled out 

-Still doing lottery tickets!! Everytime Good Jars are filled up class gets pizza party! If student gets lottery ticket and is called at the end of the week and they want to trade in for marbles(to put into Good Jar) instead of a toy then they may :)  

 No late work accepted unless student lets me know before his/her class time or has a note- Missing work slips will be enforced  

Extra Credit- Once a month students can preform a lab that they found in a book or online and either do it at home and how me via pictures or PP or do it at school with materials(must have on note card what they learned, how they would improve it and how they did it) or may find an article that is Science related and do a summary on it - this is quiz grade 100pts  

Class Contract and Team! Every class created a team name related to their subject matter and came up with words to decribe how they want to be treated, how they should act and how others should be treated. They will sign this and follow it.