8th Grade:

Religion: March 27-31


Monday: Father in Class

Tuesday: BLMs 38 and 39 Due Friday ** Annonced today that CH.9 Quiz 3/30 and Unit 2 Test 4/4

Wednesday: HW start reading Ch.9 and Practice for Good Friday

Thursday: Discussion Ch.9

Friday: Pactice for Good Friday play *Saint Report Due 3/31**






Weekend Homework Due Mon: Read Poetry Packet

Monday: Meter in Poetry: Write 2 4-lines stanzas of poetry and document the rhyme scheme and meter.

Tuesday: Meter in Poetry.  Choose a favorite famous poem and track the RS and Meter. Poetry Feet.

Wednesday: Practice RS & Meter.

Thursday: Quiz on Meter & Rhyme Scheme & terms 1-10. Find 10 examples of "conventions"

Friday: Memorize favorite poem to present to class.  

Language Arts/Spelling:


Spelling Lesson: CH 19, Pg 92 1-20


 Tuesday: Spelling Pre-Test. Ch 19. Grammar Review.

Wednesday: Correct Grammar Review.

Thursday: Essay Topic Assigned.

 Friday: Spelling Test Ch 19


Assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted.  O = Odds, E = Evens.

The website will be updated over the weekend for the upcoming week.

Math Help Times:

Monday:  12:40-1pm

Tuesday:  7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Wednesday: 7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Thursday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Friday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Monday (March 27, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: IXL.com Computer Lab Math Practice.

Algebra 1: IXL.com Computer Lab Math Practice.

Tuesday (March 28, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Chapter Standardized Test Practice. Pg 269 (#1-12).

Algebra 1: Chapter Review. Pg 423-426 (#1-31).

Wednesday (March 29, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 Test.

Algebra 1: Chapter Test Practice. Pg 427 (#1-30).

Thursday (March 30, 2017):

Pre-Algebra:  Ratios/Rates. Pg 278-280 (#1-56).

Algebra 1: Chapter 6 Test.

Friday (March 31, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Convert Rates w/Measurement. Pg 282 (#1-13).

Algebra 1:  Exponents/Exponential Functions Pre-Req's. Pg 432 (#1-13).



Social Studies:

3/27/2017 - Continued work on Constitution Review Project. Please ask your student to look at outline and objectives. First Draft of Quiz and Glossary due 3/30. Final Projects Due 4/6/2017.

Monday:Started project

Tuesday: Working on Glossary of Terms and Quiz



Friday:Glossary and Quiz Due



 Science: - March 27-31

Hw may change throughout the week

 Monday- No class time

 Tuesday-  Start discussion on Mapping Stars ch.18 sec 2 HW- Terms to know and What You'll do (objectives )

In computer class go to http://www.windows2universe.org/

Wednesday: Astronomy Articles - Finish for HW

Thursday: No Class time

Friday: Stations of the Cross - Science in the morning with constellation PP HW- go to http://geology.com/astronomy/ and pick 2 Topics on the page to summarize in a paragraph and graphing constellations WS

 ***Good Website to use for this unit***http://www.windows2universe.org/the_universe/uts/ast_history.html

 I have subscribed to the following website that is 100% kid friendly and lets them study! The website is- http://www.neok12.com/user/StPiusX  Username StPiusX and the Password is 756756 - the students have access this way and can look on the Dashboard -I have created certain games and added videos particular to what each grade is learning!

Other great websites are - http://geology.com/ , http://Sciencekids.co.nz  andhttp://kids.nationalgeographic.com



























































































































 Due to classroom instruction, homework may change.