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Mrs. Weatherbie’s
Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of: March 27th-31st

**Looking ahead:**

*Upcoming literacy concepts: CVC words; word families.

*Upcoming Math concepts: addition; number words; teen number recognition.

Here are some of the things we worked on the past week in Kindergarten:

The school-wide learning expectation (SLE) that we focused on was: 2A – Being responsible life-long learners who continually strive for self-improvement and academic excellence.  

Literacy: listening to/interacting with various read-alouds; identifying & recording CVC words; identifying real vs. silly words; writing sticker stories; writing CVC words to complete sentences; identifying digraphs; taking our spelling test; reading through our Scholastic magazine about animal plant parts; writing & making a circle map of words that start with the letter Xx; checking out books in our school library.

Math: continuing measurement, comparing, & ordering; discussing pennies and how much they’re worth; practicing calendar skills; working with counting & place value when doing our calendar.

Religion: discussing Baptism & how we’re a part of a Church family; participating in the all-school Mass; continuing to discuss Lent; continuing our Lenten journey by coloring our daily calendar; attending Stations of the Cross & working on our Stations mini book; reciting the Sign of the Cross, Grace Before Meals, Grace After Meals, and the Guardian Angel Prayer; singing songs about Jesus!

Social Studies: map skills.

Science: continuing to learn about plant parts and what plants need to grow.

P.E. (with Mr. Feeney): running; playing various games to practice team work and physical fitness.

Music (with Mrs. Dwyer): practicing our Native American song for the Spring Concert!

Computer (with Miss Nadalin): typing the alphabet in both capital and lowercase letters; typing our spelling words; practicing logging in and out of the computer independently and how to properly use computers at school; playing learning games to continue to strengthen our computer skills.