Purpose of the School Commission

The school commission is a group of elected and appointed members of the parish.
The purpose of the commission is to advise and support the pastor and the principal
in the formation of policy and the ongoing development of the parish school.

The commission contributes their expertise and experience and assists with planning,
finances, decision making, policy formation, and public relations.

The commission's responsibilities include:


  • Establish a mission statement for the school
  • Establish goals for the school
  • Establish future plans for the school

    Policy Development

  • Formulate policies that give direction for the pastor and principal


  • Develop plans/means to finance the school program including:
    • Tuition, development and fundraising
    • Allocating resources according to budget
    • Monitoring the budget

    Public Relations

  • Communicate with various publics about the school
  • Listen to the needs and concerns of the publics through appropriate forums set up for this purpose
  • Recruit students by promoting the school to the parish and parents


  • Determine whether commission goals and plans are being met
  • Evaluate commission's effectiveness