St. Pius X School has families with a rich diversity of backgrounds.  This allows students to learn about differences not just from books but from their classmates.

We offer multicultural electives that give students a chance to share cultural backgrounds to build appreciation and understanding between students of the world we live in.

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To help support family members, including extended family across the nation and world be part of what our students are doing, we have added a computer based translation feature.

Most of the pages on the web site will translate by choosing a language when clicking on a flag near the top of the site.   Because it is computer generated translation it may sometimes be incorrect, but this should meet our goal of expanded access to this information for all members of our school families.

The search feature can only search the original content written in English, not the translated view of the site.

Dealing with format errors
Because of how some of the tools, like the calendar, create their parts of the page, refreshing the site after choosing a translation may clean up small flaws.  Also on the main calendar page, clicking the translation button again after the full-page calendar displays should translate all the event titles in the language you have chosen.

We have access to 58 different languages, so if your family would like us to add a language option to the site please email the office.