Schoolwide Student

Learning Expectations


A St. Pius X Student lives as:


I. A Faithful Roman Catholic who:

  1. Knows traditional Catholic teachings and practices
  2. Actively participates in Catholic faith life, discipleship and service
  3. Makes good moral choices and decisions based on Catholic faith values 

  II.  A Responsible Life Long Learner who:

  1. Continually strives for self-improvement and academic excellence
  2. Knows where to find and how to interpret information
  3. Is able to set and achieve goals
  4. Is able to listen actively, speak clearly, and write concisely and correctly
  5. Analyzes and considers alternatives through critical thinking

 III. A Socially Responsible Citizen who:

  1. Serves as a steward using their time, talents, and treasure
  2. Understands and seeks to solve global issues
  3. Works to resolve conflicts peacefully
  4. Respects points of view, perspectives and cultural diversity