Fundraising Mission Statement

St. Pius X School's fundraising mission supports the mission of the school. The objectives used to accomplish the mission are:

  • Raise money for St. Pius X School
  • Provide social activities that bring staff, students, parents and parishioners together
  • Provide educational programs of interest to staff, students, parents and parishioners
  • Support the school administration and teachers in their ministry as Catholic educators

Fundraising Requirements

The minimum fundraising requirement is determined annually and based upon the necessary and appropriate expenses for the fundraising budget. Approximately 70 percent of the funds go to the school budget, with the remaining 30 percent used for indirect and other school needs.

View the School Contract to find out the most recent fundraising and service hour requirements for school families. Parents may choose to make a cash donation in place of fundraising requirements and service hours. This can be paid monthly or quarterly. The required amount is listed on the school contract.