Current Volunteer Opportunity:

Volunteer Hours Opportunity!

This year St. Pius X students are participating in the Edmonds Art Festival! 10 pieces of our students original art work will be displayed at the festival along with many others! In order for our school to participate we are required to have 10 hours of parent or teacher or older student volunteer time.
There is a web site to go on to sign up – please email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
with your hours so we know when we have met our 10 hour requirement!
Thanks for all you do and we hope you get to go enjoy the festival happening June 17th - June 19th, Friday through Sunday.
Go to to learn more about the festival and go to to sign up for our required volunteer hours.

Thanks for your help and see you at the festival!



School Community-These activities can make up part of the hours of General Volunteering requirement.

  • Classroom assistance
  • Lunchroom supervision
  • Recess supervision
  • Field trip driving and supervision
  • Room parent for grade(s)
  • Class parties for grade(s)
  • Reading volunteer
  • Sports/coaching
  • Teaching Middle School Electives
  • Yearbook
  • Library-assist students with checking out books on Wednesdays and shelving materials.
  • Classroom volunteer coordinator-recruit volunteers needed for events
  • Gardening/weeding of grounds
  • Building Coordinator-facilitate building needs
  • Math Night planning and assistance
  • Technology Committee-assist Principal and teachers with IT


Hospitality and Appreciation-These activities can make up part of the General volunteering hours requirement.

  • Curriculum Night refreshments
  • Grandparents/Special Person Luncheon-planning
  • Grandparents Luncheon- assist on day of event
  • Halloween party-planning
  • Halloween Party-assist on day of event
  • Spring Concert refreshments, assist with serving
  • Christmas Program refreshments & assist with serving
  • Science Fair refreshments & assist with serving
  • Teacher Appreciation Week and events
  • Reading Volunteer Tea
  • General Hospitality as needed

Fundraising- These activities can be used to fulfill 18 required hours of fundraising assistance. Time spent selling product is not counted toward hours.

  • Jog-a-Thon- assistance on day of event
  • Jog-a Thon- assistance with tabulation, collection and banking
  • Annual Fund dinner-assistance on day of event
  • Annual Fund dinner-assistance with planning
  • Scrip sales
  • Chocolate Sale -assist with promotion, planning, record keeping, recording or product distribution.
  • Gift Wrap Sale -assist with promotion, planning, record keeping, recording or product distribution.
  • Bingo-assist with planning
  • Bingo-assist on day of event
  • Book Fair-assist with book sales
  • Mexican and Filipino dinners assistance
  • Sunday Pancake breakfast assistance
  • Raffle- assist with promotion, planning, record keeping or recording
  • Golf Tournament-assist with promotion, planning or record keeping
  • Golf Tournament-assist on day of event


Auction- Please contribute a minimum of 4 hours to Auction assistance. Time spent shopping for your family’s donated auction item is not counted toward the hour total.

  • Planning committee
  • Class auction projects
  • Promotion
  • Set up/ clean up
  • Transport items
  • Registration
  • Banking
  • Coordinate Student servers
  • Runners
  • Catalog development
  • Procurement of items and
  • Assembling gift baskets
  • Marketing
  • Assist at event