Distance Learning Plan

  • Fall 2020 Re-Opening

    Washington State's Superintendent of Public Instruction held a press conference and released guidance regarding reopening K-12 education this fall. This provides St. Pius X School with the health and safety guidelines needed to begin planning for a safe, in-person return on Monday, August 31. We will be implementing important health and safety procedures here on campus to allow for in-building education. Additionally, our Distance Learning Committee is continuing to work on our Distance Learning Plan 2.0 understanding that distance learning will likely be present at some point in the future.

    In order to provide safe and healthy in-building education we will follow the most current recommended guidelines and protocols from the CDC and our local county health department which would include:

    • students and staff wearing masks/face shields while at school--the plan would be to have 2 masks per day, with a weekly supply of 4-6 clean masks available.
    • students and staff distanced in the classroom, hallways, multi-use areas (such as in ESS, library, gym, etc.). Spacing based on current recommended Department of Health guidelines.
    • more hygiene stations.
    • daily health checks/screenings during arrival on campus and logged.
    • scheduled "rolling" (or staggered) morning arrival times/extended afternoon dismissal times to allow for less congestion.
    • post and review information on preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses (see the attached poster at the end of this newsletter) throughout campus.

    We are encouraged that with our large classrooms, multipurpose spaces, and large outdoor areas on campus, we will be able to safely open and welcome all of our students and staff back this fall. As far as preparing for any future distance learning, we want to make sure our students and families are well prepared. Therefore, we will have the following:

    • those students and families who would like a refresher lesson on Teams or a "tech check" will be invited to make an appointment prior to the start of school in August.
    • all new families will participate in a scheduled "jump start" in August to familiarize yourself with our school tech systems (Office 365 & MS Teams), procedures and routines.
    • we will continue to teach and use technology that is beneficial to learning in-person and remotely.

    First Day of School: Monday, August 31st